Because the Airfare Was Cheap

by Dillon J. Welch
Airfare (recording)

As if the charcoal
needed stoking, as if
the term “loose” weren’t
already stretching itself
too thin. Where have we
landed? Somewhere on
the coast of an oval island
someone has yet to name.
The natives are digging
small trenches at the line
between tree and sand and
filling each square foot
of trench with some sort
of native bug. A crawling
mass of twitching feelers
and flinching appendages.
Did you know the words
“arm” and “leg” have lost
some of their luster since
the last war in the bay?
Too many limbs flying in
whichever direction; it was
really a sight to see.
I’m strictly speaking of
insects now, the way
they stack on top of each
others’ backs. They make
tiny ladders of themselves.
The natives know better; no
tiny ladder scheme’ll topple
their supper of exotic fruits
and roast pig. They’ve planned
for this. They’ve shelved
some time between spear hunting
fish and spear hunting boar.
A tiny barbwire trench at the edge
of the first trench
, the leader
says, you standing
on the beach with a suitcase
and kerchief hung from your neck
like a flag.

Dillon WelchDillon J. Welch is a writer from Southern New Hampshire. His work has appeared or is forthcoming in Gargoyle, PANK, Word Riot, HOUSEFIRE, Safety Pin Review & others. He has two chapbooks forthcoming: I Fall in Love with Every Attractive Woman I Meet from NAP(Spring 2013) & Domestic: A How-to Guide for Couples from White Knuckle Press (July 2013). He is Poetry Co-Editor for the online quarterly, Swarm. Find him at:”

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