Bed Head

by Joshua Burns
Bed Head

It doesn’t have to be a race
to render your vision. There’s
plenty of time. See how much
trouble those actresses got into

in that movie when they didn’t
take their time? They lost
everything. Everything

is, no doubt, different for
different people. In fact,
many films fail to fillet
their characters thoroughly
enough. I mean if you are going
to set a cross up, there damn well

better be a crucifixion. See
if I care whether you take my
advice. I, for one, the perfect
audience, will not be spending
on that same idea again. How
I could have been so dumb
to go from boom to bust
in our universe’s dimensions

is beyond me. Have you taken
a look in the mirror lately?
I know I have. The future
is curled up on pillows.

Joshua Burns and his poems appear at Cha, elimae, The Gallery, and C4. Soon he and one of his poems will appear in Handsome. As always the College of William & Mary, its illustrious faculty, and the never-do-well friends he made there remain in his thoughts.

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