In My Next Life, I Want to Be an Ad Man

by Leah Umansky
I want to be an ad man

I want to be donned  in somehow. Donned in  everything. Donned in the forgotten and the ecclesiastics of sex. Drape me in the charged. Drape me in the raptured. Drape me in meaning and keep it private. I want two lives: one in the city and one in the country. Two women: a blonde and a redhead. Drape me in wealth. Drape me in booze. Don me in diamonds and fur. Drape a secretary, here, and then, there..

[Executive is the word that comes to the lips and they smile for
you, sister.]

Don me in designer suits. Don me in a new age. Don me in what’s coming. Drape the future round my shoulders. Drape the next life across my lap. Drape me in the madness. Don me in the twoness of passion. Don me in pieces of last, of force; pieces of shaken and possible then drape me in manhood. Drape me in machinery and steel. Don me in utterly and plush utterings and, [do I sound like I’m stuttering?,] Make me look good; the world is dangerous.

Umansky_color_1Leah Umansky’s first book of poems, Domestic Uncertainties, is now available from BlazeVOX Books. She has her MFA in Poetry from Sarah Lawrence College and has been a contributing writer for BOMB Magazine’s BOMBLOG, a poetry reviewer for The Rumpus and a live twit for The Best American Poetry Blog. Her poems can be found in Barrow Street, Catch-up, and Ping-Pong. This poem is based on the popular AMC series Mad Men, which will appear in Leah’s second collection of poetry which is currently underway. Read more at:

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