Might as Well Live*

by Steven D. Schroeder
Schroeder – Might as Well Live

If you knew you could hear this, you might have
Thrown yourself under the bus. Too soon?

Someone said someone ought to say a few words
Unlike knuckle and blackjack and smoke,

So we offered our testimonies to the best
Of your recollection, which pled the fifth
That hid behind the Pledge and Drano bottles.

In our version, your heart wasn’t on a milk carton,
You were the bad news bad news got, you saw
A doctor because your eyes chose good over evil.

When we closed your eyes for good, you looked
Like you were checking the lids for pinpricks.

When we closed ours, we could deny everything.

*Note: I stole the title from “Résumé” by Dorothy Parker

Steven D. Schroeder’s first book of poetry is Torched Verse Ends. His poems are available or forthcoming from New England Review, Barn Owl Review, Drunken Boat, The Offending Adam, and InDigest. He edits the online poetry journal Anti-, serves as a contributing editor for River Styx, and works as a Certified Professional Résumé Writer.

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