My Dispersing Sorry

by Leora Fridman

my new pledge is stating
tonight will be the night

we will matter
without asking animals

to model emotion
to model fuel:

today goodbyes
are gas station buzz,

used up like coaxing,
which turns me off slowly

as if I am unavailable
but available for freight,

thinking now of how likely
more people are to find me exciting

when I am not dumped with light,
when large flat forces

are denying me something
more significant

than steak,
when judging by your face

I am no middle America,
no quietly crucial selection

that remains to be made
between what I can’t be sure needs me—

just a flatlands,
an optimized place,

not calling for a vision
or sound that relates,

and every atmosphere flying over
can look down on us again,

can look down on us all here,
on our certain sounds,

it can look down on us sunning
so promising from above,

it can look down on us guaranteeing
as it disperses one more pledge

Leora FridmanLeora Fridman is a writer, translator and educator living in California. Her chapbook Precious Coast was recently released from H_ngm_n B_ _ks, and her double-chapbook On the nature is forthcoming from The New Megaphone. Her chapbook of translations of Eduardo Milán is available from Toad Press.

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