Pauly Shore

by Dustin Luke Nelson
Dustin Reading _Pauly Shore_

I balls of the foot traipse.
We are digital
friends. Collecting traits like badges,
pinning them to the chest.
Every pin removed sends blood thread
trickles down my chest. Punctuating jokes
with ascending notes. It’s so hard
to have defining experiences.
                                                      I remember seeing
Encino Man and Jury Duty.
Ask your friends to write an earnest
obituary for you. Flay the skin
on the soles of your feet. Debone your toes.
How lean you might emerge! Filmic
Pauly Shore did not. Filmic Pauly Shore
on gurney epidermis slush pile. Frightening,
sight, yes, too.
                          It sounds scary,
but this happens every day.
But we’re all ok anyway. We all
go fishing then tell our mothers,
wives, & friends how big it was. How
big it was.

Paper doll by Sally Grossart
Dustin Luke Nelson is a founding editor of InDigest and the host of the InDigest Reading Series. He is a 2012 National Poetry Series finalist and has recently had work published in the Greying Ghost Pamphlet Series, Opium, METRO Twin Cities, Scud, and elsewhere. He has been a writer and producer on Radio Happy Hour and Geocachers. He lives in Astoria, at, and dustin (at) indigest (dot) mag.

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