Sell Me Something

by Edward Manzi
Sell Me Something

I burn like a plastic Rhinoceros on a toothpick spit, grey body
browning and melting above a white candlestick in a green
candleholder. Turn me loose. Turn me loose, I say. Holy shit man; look
at that bird, I think it’s a crow with a white feather, poking around in
our trash getting it all over the road. Give me my b-b gun. Don’t tell me
I sound way different now-I am just a little angry; somewhat burned
out and searching for a new place to store my umbrella. Is it I you
are addressing? Do you want to know where I live, my phone number and
my email? I will give it you, even though I know you will soon be trying
to sell me something.

Edward ManziEdward Manzi lives in Tahoe City, CA. He has an MFA from the University of New Hampshire. His recent publications include poems in Blood Lotus, Brushfire, Word Riot, Paper Nautilus and Sun’s Skeleton. He has recently had a poem nominated for a Pushcart Award. He works in Special Education, as an assistant, at a middle school.

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