Week In Review

Thanks to everyone who read the poetry this week, and thanks especially to the poets who helped kick off this first week at The Bakery. If you haven’t had a chance, please read the work of this past week’s fine poets:

Monthly Special: Feature Poet: Rachel McKibbens

July 1: Meridian, MS 1981: Miss Polly Experiences The Consequences of Gravity by T.J. Jarrett
July 2: Meridian, MS 1964: At The Solstice, The World is Flooded With Light by T.J. Jarrett
July 3: Johnny Appleseed Proposes by Julie Babcock
July 4: Sun of a Thousand Knives by Ryan Collins
July 5: Candlelight Ventricles by Ryan Collins
July 6: Dark Fantasy by Joshua Ware
July 7: The Well-Guarded Secret of Disneyland Ninjas by Joshua Ware

Starting Sunday, we will see more poetry from Joshua Ware, Nate Pritts, Nathaniel G Moore, Stacy Magner Barrett, and M. Clara White!

Weekend News Roundup:

Books written in invisible ink. Is this a cruel twisted joke or genius marketing or a little bit of both?

Curtis Faville reminds us about the importance of Joe Ceravolo.

Volta is looking for a Managing Editor.

Sarah Manguso suggests you be relentless.

Gender bias at NPR.

With that in mind, The Millions goes over the most anticipated books in the coming months. Final Score: Men: 56 Women: 21

Lastly, I hope you have a very Barbara Streisand weekend:

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