Following Myself Home

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(Last Updated On: July 24, 2017)

by George Bishop

I watched you slow down as you passed
each dark church, careful not to touch

the brake pedal, to give away your passion
for the shadows of stained glass. I saw

your head swivel like a chalice along
some unearthly alter rail, and no doubt

you were thinking of heaven and hell,
how you’ve never visited either one

and can describe them better than your
own privacy. You still hadn’t noticed

me in the dust of your imaginary mirror
as you became fixed between forests,

the absence of street lamps burning off
your fragile sense of direction. You began

to laugh uncontrollably at every idea
of turning back, then to weep into each

message the dead stars were spreading.
Finally, a sign letting you know nothing

except you’re now far enough away
to know you’re nearly there, thankful

that I hung back, got there before you.
This is the kind of miracle I’ve been

hiding in you, the kind you can’t prove
and wouldn’t if you had the chance.

George Bishop is the author of five chapbooks. His full length collection, Expecting Delays, was published by FutureCycle Press in January 2013. Recent work appears in New Plains Review and Commonline Journal. Forthcoming work will be featured in The New Poet and Cold Mountain Review. Bishop attended Rutgers University and now lives and writes in Saint Cloud, Florida.

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